Do I have a notice period?

The notice period of your subscription is one month (date-to-date) unless you have signed up for 6 months minimum*. The notice period starts from the date you cancel your subscription. During this period, you can use your bike and our service as usual.

* if you have a subscription of minimum 6 month, your earliest end date is 6 months from the day you received the bike. After the 6 months, you'll only have one month notice.

Example: If you cancel on 15th of February, your subscription expires on 15th of March - and latest on the end date, the bike must be returned to our store. You'll therefore also only pay for what's equal to 15 days of March (your monthly price, divided with 31, times 15).

As we don't pick up bikes with the car, the bike must be returned to the store :-) Please check up on the opening hours before coming by (all are closed on Sundays and holidays - some are closed on Wednesdays/Saturdays too).

You can find the current opening hours here.

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