Receiving the bike

During the sign-up you can either choose to pick up the bike in store or get it delivered to your preferred address. If you decide to pick up the bike in store you can plan your appointment right away in the sign-up flow.

If you would like to have your Swapfiets delivered we can also make that happen, although that might take a bit longer. In most cases, you'll be riding your Swapfiets within a couple of days! 

Find more information about your first appointment below. 

What is a First Delivery?

This is the magical moment where you will meet your Swapfiets for the first time. During the first delivery, you will receive your bike and we will adjust it just for you. We will check your personal details and give a short explanation on how to use your Swapfiets.

What do I need for the First Delivery?

To complete your registration and in order to receive your Swapfiets, we need to see the following information: 

  • Identification (passport, driver license, identity card)
  • Your credit card or bank card.
  • Proof of living address
  • If you applied for a student subscription, we would also like to see your student pass.

Good to know: if someone else is paying for your subscription, they need to be present at the First Delivery.

How long does the First Delivery take?

Both in store or on location the delivery appointment of your Swapfiets takes around 15 minutes. We will make sure the saddle and handlebar are at the right height and position, and we will check your details.

I have placed an order. When will I receive my bicycle?

We do our best to deliver your bike as soon as possible. In general, we can deliver your bike within 1-2 days. Delivery times may vary across cities. 

I have signed up, but I have not been contacted yet.

When we've received your order, and you have decided to get the bike delivered, you received an email to provide us with:

  • Date and times that you are available
  • The delivery address
  • Your date-of-birth as confirmation

Did you not receive a confirmation from us? Please contact our support team to sort things out. 

Can someone else pick up my bike or be there during the delivery?

We would like to meet our brand new customer in person the very first appointment. This means it is not possible for someone else to be there.

When we deliver your Swapfiets, the customer has to sign for our terms and conditions and for the direct debit authorisation. If someone else is paying for your Swapfiets, you both need to be present at the appointment. 

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