Signing-up for Swapfiets

Great to hear that you found us! Go to our website and check the availability in your area. If Swapfiets is active in your city, complete the registration process and we'll get you on your bike as soon as possible. Welcome to the club!

Need more information about the sign-up flow? Find the most common questions below. 

Can I immediately pick up my bike after registration?

We want help you onto your Swapfiets as soon as possible. Do you need a bike right away? Make sure to sign-up online. If you decide to pick up the bike in the store you can plan your appointment right away in the in sign-up flow.

If you would like to have your Swapfiets delivered we can also make that happen, although that might take a bit longer. In most cases, you'll be riding your Swapfiets within a couple of days! 

Can I order multiple bikes for my family?

Wow, a whole Swapfiets family! We want to help you as well as possible and to achieve that it is necessary for everyone to make their own account at This way, every bike is connected to the right person. It is possible for one person to pay for all of the bikes. Just make sure when signing up, to fill in the correct payment details.

I do not have a home address in the city yet, which address should I provide?

During your registration, you choose the city in which you would like to use the bike. Our service is only provided in the service area of the city.

Unfortunately it is not possible to register yet without a valid home address. Don’t forget to contact us as soon as you have a new address!

The bike I want is not available in my region. What now? 

When the bike is not available you often have the option to be notified when it is in stock again. Click on "Notify me", and you will receive an email when the product is available for you. 

If there is no "Notify me" button it means that we temporarily stopped taking new customers for this product in the region. In this case we can only recommend to keep an eye on the website. 

Why do I have to specify my height when registering?

Based on your height, we determine what type of bike frame fits you best.

Which bikes can I choose as a student?

You can sign up for all bikes, however for the Original and the Deluxe we offer a student discount depending on where you are located. Find out if we offer a student discount in your area during the registration.

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