Subscription details

If you are looking for information about your subscription you can now easily find most data on the App. Open the side-menu and go to "Subscription".

Here you are able to download your contract, and cancel your subscription. The terms for cancelling your subscription can be found on the same page. 

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Any other questions regarding your subscription? Find the most common questions below. 

What is the minimum duration of the contract?

In most cities were Swapfiets operates, we have two options for your contract and its minimum duration:

A monthly subscription. This subscription can be terminated at any time with 1 month notice. If you choose this option we will charge a one-off fee when you sign up. These costs can depend on the region, and are specified during the registration. These costs will be charged with your 1st monthly payment.

A 6 month subscription. When you know that you will be using Swapfiets for a longer period. When you choose this subscription we will not charge a one-off fee. After the first 6 months your subscription can be cancelled at any time (keeping in mind the 1 month notice period).

We have a termination period of one month for both subscriptions.

I registered for Swapfiets, but I changed my mind. How can I withdraw my registration?

Of course it can happen that you change your mind. Please contact our customer support so they can undo your registration. And remember, if you ever change your mind, you know where to find us! 💙

I have a contract for minimal 6 months, can I cancel it earlier?

When you have a minimum contract period of 6 months, it is unfortunately not possible to cancel your subscription before that time. You can always hand your bike in earlier, but your payments continue until the end of your subscription.

I want to transfer my membership to someone else. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer your membership, since the initial contract will still be in your name. In case you need to transfer the bike to someone else we recommend cancelling the subscription.

When the other party has registered, contact our customer support we can plan an appointment to transfer the bike to the new account. 

I want to change my subscription to a different product or plan

When you’re interested in using one of our products additional to, or instead of your current product type you can always switch! 

Please contact our customer support so they can inform you on how to change your subscription and to plan your Swap. After you have received the new product, the T&C’s and pricing will apply.

I want to pause my subscription

At the moment we don't offer this possibility. It can happen that you are out of the country for a while or not using the bike for any other reason. Depending for how long you are away we recommend either keeping your subscription and storing the bike at a safe location, or cancelling and handing in the bike so we can take care of it. 

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