The bike is missing. What now?

Are you unable to find your bike? Here’s what might have happened and what you can do to solve it.

The bike has been moved.

Many bikes that are reported as missing are eventually found within a 300 metre radius. We recommend having a good look around your neighbourhood before reporting your bike missing.

The bike has been taken by the municipality.

Your bike might have been taken to the bike depot. The municipality can remove bikes that are parked incorrectly or left unused for an extended period. Contact your local bike depot with your frame number to check if your bike is there. You can find your frame number via our app or on

If you're unable to pick up the bike yourself, we can deliver another bike to you! We charge 300 kr. for this service, including the depot pick-up, delivery and new chain lock.

The bike has been stolen.

If your bike hasn’t been moved or picked up by the municipality, it has likely been stolen. Plan an appointment in our app to get a replacement as soon as possible. We’ll also fill out a police report together during this appointment.

We charge a deductible for stolen bikes. The exact amount differs per situation. For example, if the bike was double locked, or if the battery is still in your possession. You can find a complete overview of the charges in our Terms & Conditions. The surcharge will be added to your next monthly invoice.

The bike is missing and I want to end my subscription

In case you decide you don't need the product anymore, we still ask you to make an appointment.

  • In case your bike is at the municipality you can hand in the key with us in the store, and we will make sure your subscription is ended.
  • In case your bike is stolen we need to fill out the police report before we can end your subscription.

In both cases, make sure to take the 1 month cancellation period into account.

If you don’t have the Swapfiets app yet, download it now!

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